Welcome to the Sarasota Woodturners Club
Next Flying Wood chips session on Tuesday May 26 at Franck's shop starting at 6:30.

All are welcome. See what we are up to and why we are always smiling.
Next monthly meeting will be Wen. June 17th at 6:30

 I don't know what will happen yet. El Presidentie Has not told me what is going to happen yet.

Richard Morris did a great demo on footed bowls pierced bowls. 

Ed Newton got a chance to try his hand at piercing. His hand is still working.

Franck and I spent the weekend in Cartersville, GA at the Southeastern States

Symposium. We had a great time and some really bad coffee.

Met a lot of nice and helpful woodturners.

If you have a problem, or a question stop in we have solutions and answers.

Stop in on Tuesday night.

Need help with sharpening your tools stop in and get some good help.

We  have really smart members in our club and they are great and are willing to 

help you.

 Don't forget Franck has some nice wood for sale.

If you need a tool check with him.


                                                  This is a nice hat done by Franck Johannsen
                                                 from Norfork Island Pine. It is a feather in his cap!
                                                 I need one in 7 5/8, Franck. Well Done!

Looks Great! We had fun setting it up.

Tom sent me a picture of his new lathe. All I can say is WOW!


                                                                        Only one in the world that is diesel powered.

Franck and Don Woeste turning a Cowboy hat.      New fans that are up and spinning in the great room.


Russ Fellows is a very accomplished artist in this field.






We are a member of the  Ane
rican Association of Woodturners.      

                                                                                 Renewal is still only $35. Mail to 

Joe Channey

1170 Larchmont Drive

Englewood, FL 34223
     Don't forget to Check with Franck for tools and supplies for your turning needs.         





We are dedicated to promoting the art of woodturning through educational demonstrations and hands-on training. 

We meet to share our techniques, methods and skills. We provide assistance with tool and equipment recommendations. 

Please check our calendar to see times and places for events and meetings.  Hope to see you soon.