Welcome to the Sarasota Woodturners Club 

We are a member of the  Anerican Association of Woodturners.
 We had a real nice turnout of woodturners at our meeting on the 19th.
   Larry Hasiak showed us how he likes to do hollowing. He does it from the wrong side of the lathe. He's 
left handed. All that matters is it works for him. I believe if something works for you then do it. 
Elections for officers will be at the January 21st meeting. Nominations for Pres. Vice Pres. Treasurer and 
Secretary are open. The current officers Tom Facone, President, Franck Johannesen, Vice President, 

Joe Channey, Treasurer and Joe Coupe Secretary.

  We need members to be on the committees that are needed to make this club 

a great one and an asset to the community. 
                                                    We need to spread the workload around.                   
                  A loud Thank You to Franck for the use of his shop on Wen. evening.
                        The end of the year is fast approaching and so it is time to renew 
                            your valuable membership in the Sarasota WoodTurners Club.
                                                                                 Renewal is still only $35. Mail to 

Joe Channey

1170 Larchmont Drive

Englewood, FL 34223
     Don't forget to Check with Franck for tools and supplies for your turning needs.         

Holiday Party Auction

We will have an auction at our Holiday party on January 3, 2015 with turnings done by our past demonstrators. All turnings will auctioned with a reserve.

Bids will be taken now by e-mail until January 2, 2015. They can e-mailed to Tom Falcone ( tfalcone@tampabay.rr.com).
We are trying a new idea to help members who are not able to attend the holiday party and would like a chance to get a nice turning from a 
known turner.

If there are any members who would like to donate an item to be auctioned, off please contact Tom.

This auction helps raise money for the club to be able to afford bringing these well know turners for demonstrations in Sarasota.    
                                                                   These are 3 bowls  done Don Watson.                                                                               This is a Natural edge bowl 

                 appox. 6 X 8 inch plate                                    This is  a 3 corner bowl                                       a natural edge                                                     by Adam Hood

                                                                                  These 4 items were done by Harvey Meyer, a recent demonstrator.
            6 Inch Basket Illusion Plate                      Christmas Ornament                               3 inch tall round box                             2 inch tall Squart box           

              This is a 7 inch tall vase                   Tom Falcone has donated a                  
                     By Rudy Lopez                           12 piece set of napkin rings. 



Our Holiday Party Will be January 3, 2015
The cost per person will be the same as last year $25

If you would like to come, contact Tom Falcone or Joe Channey. 
Checks payable to Sarasota Woodturners may be mailed to
  Joe Channey
1170 Larchmont Drive
Englewood, FL 34223
Tom is s having a great time!     Too many bright lights! Or a lot of short haircuts.

We are dedicated to promoting the art of woodturning through educational demonstrations and hands-on training. 

We meet to share our techniques, methods and skills. We provide assistance with tool and equipment recommendations. 

Please check our calendar to see times and places for events and meetings.  Hope to see you soon.

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