Next monthly meeting at Advantage Lumber is August 21, 2019

The address is 7524 Commerce Place Sarasota.

This Wednesday We will have a demonstration by Steve Johns using the One Way Coring System.

Doors open at 6:00 pm and raffle tickets are available to purchase. 

See Tom Falcone  for tickets.

Demo Starts about 7:00 pm.

Advantage Lumber has a few sales on wood purchases.

Our next Turning Tuesday will be August 27th at Franck Johannesen's Studio

at 1051 Racimo Drive Sarasota, FL.

Smooze time starts at 6:00 and infommerical at 7:00.

 If you would like to be added to our email list and be notified of club doings and learn about my sense of humour 

please email me at joechanney@gmail.com

If anybody needs help with a problem on wood turning, 

Stop by on a Tuesday night and visit with us and we will do our best  to help you.

Stop in for our Tuesday night get together at Franck Johannesen's Studio

1051 Racimo Drive, Sarasota, FL.




A special Thanks to The Folks at Advantage Lumber for hosting  our Monthly meeting. 

We meet on Tuesday evenings to help each other with Wood Turning  problems
Our next Tuesday fix-it night will be May 7th at 6:30 It will be at Franck Johannesen's studio, 1051 Racimo Drive, Sarasota.
Doors and Parking Lot opens at 6:00 and the fun starts at 6:30 pm

Several members are helping other members at their home shop.

Great job folks!


The Sarasota Woodturners are accepting new members and dues for $40.00

This helps us bring in various demonstrators for our Monthly meetings at Advantage Lumber at 7524 Commerce Place, Sarasota, FL. and help the local community to learn what we are able to create from a chunk of wood.

This meeting is hosted by Advantage Lumber in their meeting room.
Do check out the fabulous wood that they have available for purchase.
Doors open 6:00 pm,  schmooze time about 6:30 pm and demo about 7:00 pm

Check out our facebook page. You can even make a comment or two.

The Sarasota WoodTurners have a display case at Advantage Lumber showing some creations by members of the Sarasota WoodTurners
We still have our Tuesday flying wood chips session every week at Franck's shop at 1051 Racimo Drive, Sarasota, FL. Every Tuesday, Starts at 6:30 pm.

Contact Tom Falcone 941-795-1833 or Joe Channey 941-815-0575 for more info

Our monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at: 

Advantage Lumber, 7524 Commerce Place, Sarasota, FL 

This is a display by members of the Sarasota Woodturners

 All are welcome. See what we are up to and why we are always wearing a smile
Don't forget Franck still has prepared wood blanks and much needed tools.

I shamelessly promote Franck for all he has done for the Sarasota Woodturners and all that he does to help members and anyone who ask for help.

Stop in on Tuesday night.

Need help with sharpening your tools stop in and get some good help.

We have really smart members in our club and they are great and are willing to help you.

Don't forget Franck has some nice wood for sale.

If you need a tool check with him.

Looks Great! We had fun setting it up.

Tom sent me a picture of his new lathe. All I can say is WOW!

I think he used the new bowl saver for 6 foot bowls.

Only one in the world that is diesel powered.

We are a members of the American Association of Woodturners.

Renewal is still only $40. Mail to

Joe Channey
1170 Larchmont Drive
Englewood, FL 3422
Don't forget to Check with Franck for tools and supplies for your turning needs

We are dedicated to promoting the art of woodturning through educational demonstrations and hands-on training.
We meet to share our techniques, methods and skills. We provide assistance with tool and equipment recommendations.
Please check our calendar to see times and places for events and meetings. Hope to see you soon.