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Volume 1 Issue 11 November 2018
Greetings again fellow turners!
It is great to see our attendance ticking upward
each week. The snowbird “flyways” are busy!
We look forward to seeing more of you as we
move into high season!

Registration is still open for the Florida Symposium,
February 8-10, 2019 ,( floridawoodturningsymposium.
com/registration/). Check their
website for the list of demonstrators. Demo’s,
a great instant gallery, prizes, vendors...more
wood and
tools...and of course the camaraderie of fellow
turners from around the southeast.
A few other quick reminders:
deadline for paperwork for entries at
the February State Fair
( is December
14, the Florida Wood Art Expo in Punta
Gorda is Jan 11-13, (


Sarasota Woodturner’s Club Officers
President - Russ Fellows
e mail:
Vice President - Jim Weeks
e mail:
Treasurer - Stephen Johns
e m a i l:
Secretary - Dave Hausmann
phone 703-608-4255
Director at Large - Franck Johannesen
phone 941-323-4988
Director at Large - Alan Levin
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Turning a wing bowl is difficult to turn as grain goes in all directions and wings break off easily.
Drilling before hollowing.
Hollowing with a Harrison Carbide Tip Wood Lathe Tool.
page four
Make three cuts on 45 degree angled band saw 4, then lightly sand edges gently on sanding board.
page five
Safety First! Sanding mask, prescription safety googles and face shield.
Tung Oil is best for food stuff finishes. Butcher Block Conditioner is also good.
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Sarasota Woodturner Members’ Show & Tell, October 17, 2018
Russ Fellows’ Segmented bowls.
Dave Laubisch’s Pepper grinder.
Alan Levin’s Segmented bowl.
page seven
Jim Weeks’s wig stand.
John’s Fancy Wood Work Norfolk
Island Pine lidded vessel.
Alan Levin’s Pecky Brazilian Walnut bowls.
Pat Sullivan’s Apple bowls.
page eight

Franck Johannesen’s Skew Turning Demo October 23, 2018
Alan Lacer’s Hamlet M2 Skew Chisel.
Sharpened at 30º and honed to remove burr.
Roughing Gouge used as a skew.
Attach wood with Standard
Oneway Spring Loaded Safedrive.
Thompson Large Skew, raise handle till it starts to
cut, then hold and move. Control with thumb.
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page ten

Dave Laubisch’s Brazilian Walnut knife,
a gift to Franck Johannesen.
Sarasota Woodturner Members’ Show & Tell, October 23, 2018
B. Foreman’s Black Cherry bowl. B. Foreman’s “Bluewater” bowl. Charlie Bells Basket Illusion bowl.
B. Foreman’s Pecan bowl.
Jim Weeks’ vases.
Charlie Bell’s Salt &
Pepper mill.
page eleven
Alan Levin’s Maple, Padouk, Bubinga bowl.
Sarawood Magnolia bowl.
page twelve
Franck Johannesen’s Segmented bowl.
Norm Stabinski’s bowl.
Alan Coopes’ bowl.
Dave Hausmann’s Camphor bowl.
page thirteen
Russ Fellow‘s Burl Maple Leaf from
Washington State.
Jim Weeks‘ Repurposed Sanding tootbrush.
Russ Fellow‘s Finial Screw Top vessel.
page fourteen

Tom Falcone’s Log Cutting for Optimal Turning Blanks Demo October 30, 2018
A log of irregular section offers many different possibilities
for natural-edge cross grain bowls.
“Not all crotches are going to end up
being nice.” T.F.
You want to look for the “H” pattern.
page fifteen
Bowl E
Bowl E
Bowl D
Bowl D
Bowl C
Bowl C
Side views
Side views
Inside views
Inside views
End view of log
End view of log End view of log
End view of log
Bowl A
Bowl A
Bowl B
Bowl B
page sixteen
Bowl F
Bowl H Bowl I (natural edge)
Bowl G

Different bowl orientations making use of crotch figure.
page seventeen
Sarasota Woodturner Members’ Show & Tell, October 30, 2018
Charlie Bell’s wig stand.
Dave Laubisch’s Salt and Pepper
Dave Hausmann’s
Rosewood travel mug.
John Henry’s Cherry bowls.
Dave Laubisch’s Samo Wood tool handle.
Andrew Beale’s
Box Elder bowl.

page eighteen
Jim Weeks’s Varigated Maho laquer finish bowl.
Norm Stabinski’s Chinese Elm
Jacaranda foot stool.
Jim Titze ’s Natural Edge Apple poly finish bowls.
Steve John’s Elm cored bowl set.
Elm bowl.

page nineteen
Russ Fellows’ Adding Feet to Bowls Demo November 6, 2018
Bowl is hot glued to backing board.
Adding feet to a bowl increases artistic and monetary value.
page twenty
Shape outside first using small bowl gouge. Remove outer part of the tenon.
Use compass or indexin wheel (16-32-48). Choose foot size and mark with pencil.
Place bowl on flat surface and grind with a Dremel tool or a Proxxon Longneck Angle Grinder.
page twenty one
A Dremel Tool with Sander Attachment.
A Proxxon Longneck Angle Grinder.
A 2 in. Mini Orbit Air Sander.
You can also hand sand
with a sanding block.
Russ Fellows’ Epoxy Casting
Resin bowl with Big Leaf Maple rim.

page twenty two
Charlie Bell‘s Sarawood bowl. Chet Orzech‘s Eucalyptus bowl. J. Titze‘s Cadaghi bowl.
J. Titze‘s Maple bowl
with Tung Oil finish.
G. E. Walker Oak and Hickory
John Henry‘s Eucalyptus
Steve Johns’ and Russ Fellows‘ Pepper Mills.
John Henry‘s Zebra Wood
Norm Stabinski‘s Bowling
Pin candle holder.

page twenty three
Jim Weeks‘ Box Elder bowl.
Alan Levin‘s “Bowls For Food” donations.
John Henry‘s Salt Boxes.

page twenty four
Franck Johannesn’s attempt to achieve a split
swirl using ash as the primary focus.
William Clark’s Best of Show in Rhode Island.

This newsletter was designed
and produced by club secretary
David Hausmann. Articles,
digital photos and information
that you would like to share
with Sarasota Woodturner
members are welcome.

Steve Johns’ delivering member turned and
donated bowls to the All Faiths Food Bank.
Member turned and donated wigs stands
to the American Cancer Society.
Club News and Activities

For further info please call Russ Fellows at    or  Jim Weeks at  941-914-4188

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I did it at the meeting on Nov 6, but want to reiterate
my thanks to all who donated to the the
‘chainsaw’ fund. The sudden death of Franck’s
largest saw a few weeks back, left a significant
gap in the higher end of the chainsaw lineup,
and the new Stihl replacement brings back the
efficiency of our Tuesday cutting sessions! We
will keep the fund open, so others, going forward,
may donate, not only to the purchase,
but to the ongoing cost of maintaining the saws
as well as processing our logs.

You have already gotten a demo schedule from
Joe. And our club annual party is Saturday,
January 5th. Please let Alan Levin know your
wish to attend, how many in your party, and
your food selection...beef, chicken or fish!
Club election of officers and board members
will be at the December meeting.
Jimmy Clewes is making multiple area appearances,
including workshops. Check the mailings
from Joe for details.
As always, many thanks to Dave Hausmann,
our stalwart newsletter editor! If you have any
pictures or articles for future editions, please
send them on over to him (dhausmann@comcast.
Russ Fellows

Upcoming 2018 Sarasota Woodturners
Events and Demos
Janet Collins at Advantage Lumber
Decemberber 19, 2018.
“We are dedicated to promoting the art
of woodturning through educational
demonstrations and hands-on training.
We meet to share our techniques, methods
and skills. We provide assistance with
tool and equipment recommendations.”
In This Issue
Russ Fellows‘ Wing Bowl Demo.
Franck Johannesen’s Skew Turning
Tom Falcone’s Log Cutting for
Optimal Turning Blanks Demo.
Russ Fellows’s Turning Feet for
Bowls Demo.
Club News and Activities.
Upcoming 2019 Sarasota Woodturners
Events and Demos
Dave Buchholz at Advantage Lumber
January 19, 2019.
Walter Wager at Advantage Lumber
February 20, 2019
* Lumber Sale & Tool Exchange at
Advatage Lumber on Saturday December 1,
8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Other clubs will be participate.
page three
Russ Fellows Wing Bowl Turning Demo at Advantage Lumber, October 17, 2018

We have many good demo’s to look forward
to over the coming months: Janet Collins, who
runs the woodworking and turning programs
for Dartmouth College, as well as being a nationally
known Symposium demonstrator will
be with us in December for both the Advantage
Lumber meeting and a workshop the following
day. Dave Buchholz, from New York State,
retired Northwestern physics professor who
has had his unusual embellishing techniques
published, will be with us in January, also with
a workshop following his demo, and then in
February, from Tallahassee, Walter Wager will
be showing us his spiral hollow form technique.
A workshop follows that demo as well. As these
dates get closer we will put a lot more information
about our guest turners in the newsletter.

reen Mountain Woodturning &
Furniture Making
Janet A. Collins, Woodturner/Furniture Maker
P.O. Box 353
134 South Bayley Hazen Rd.
Ryegate, VT 05042
802-584-4341 or 339-206-5268
Woodturning Gallery
12 d x 1.5t Mahogany Bowl with
Line & Berry Inlay
Bottle Stoppers- various wood
6.25d x 2.25t Maple 6.5d x 2.5t CurlyAsh
7.5d x 4t Walnut with textured rim
7d x 6.5t Maple Burl
8.5d x 1t Tiger Maple
14d x 2t Walnut platter with Hot Sand
Shaded Inlay
14.75d x 2.75t Mahogany
14d x 5t Cherry with black veneer inlay
12 sq x 2.75t Tiger Maple
9d x 8t Claro Walnut
3d x 4t Mahogany w/Picasso Marble
About the Artist
Woodturning Gallery
Furniture Gallery
Contact 11.25d x 4.75t Spalted Maple
To see what items are available and
to purchase, please visit my Etsy
shop at